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Summer Essentials At DSG

Summer is all about the adventure and outdoor fun! While not everyone can afford to jet-set off to a luxury beach resort, it’s likely that you live near a lake or a park — making summer living a fun and low-cost adventure.

Check out some of our favorite summer essentials!

  1. Blanket Tote: Whether at the beach or the park, this go-anywhere blanket is convenient and versatile. Soft fleece, combined with a durable water resistant backing, allows for comfort and protection from the ground. Take your lunch outdoors and maybe even invite a friend to join you!
  2. Lake Rope Tote: Natural jute totes feature printed lake-inspired word art with white rope handles and knotted rope detail. Laminated wipe-clean interior and interior pocket. This is great for assembling and toting the many things you take back and forth to the beach/park/boat/outdoors.
  3. Lighthouse Lemonade: How best do you cool off in the summer sun without a cup of Lighthouse Lemonade? We know LL is more than a lemonade concentrate. Mixed with ice cold water, it is a thirst quencher like no other and its taste is classic all year round.
  4. Oatshine BBQ Sauce: Spice up your grill with Chef’s Scotty Cooks signature barbeque sauce. Made from all natural local Canadian ingredient. Oatshine BBQ Sauce was developed in conjunction with Dixon Distilled Spirits.
  5. Walter Caesar Mix: Canada’s Craft Caesar Mix. Proudly made in Canada with premium, all-natural ingredients. Simply add your spirit of choice and it’s ready to drink. However, if you like your Caesar with some real extra kick, go ahead and add some extras, and mix it up your way.
  6. Solar Flare Hot Sauce: Fire up the grill with this sauce. This multi-award winning sauce features fresh pineapple, oranges, limes and Chipotle peppers creating the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Try it on fajitas, stir fry, sushi, seafood, pizza, and rice.